Understanding, Reaching and Servicing the Hispanic Market

by Eduardo Crespo

(remember to RSVP for this session taking place 8/4)

There are many critical issues that must be dealt with before a company or institution decides to enter or expand in the Latino market. Rushing to translate ads is wasteful and embarrassing at times. This workshop presents a practical framework that begins with a historical perspective and ends with recommendations for “transitioning” to meet this new opportunity. The premise of this workshop is that, “business as usual”, is no longer valid to be successful in this market.


The framework is multi-dimensional and will benefit visionaries and thought leaders that work in leadership and management positions. Functional areas that are addressed include: branding, research, planning and forecasting, marketing, sales, PR, communications (offline and online), HR, diversity, customer service, training, community relations, and foundations.


 – Understanding the market from a practical perspective.

– How to identify and deal with biz and HR implications when transitioning to a non-monolingual organization.

– What is the upside market potential in relationship to the Hispanic market?

– Reflections on “Why should we change if we have been profitable all these years”?

– Hispanic vs. multicultural strategies, what will work for you?

– Should you communicate in English, Spanish or Spanglish?

– Assimilation vs. acculturation, an ongoing dilemma.

– Practical advice to avoid mistakes in rushing to tactics without doing due diligence.

– Cultural and linguistic considerations when servicing Hispanics.


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