An initiative to make Massachusetts a location of choice for people of color.

To establish Massachusetts as a uniquely inclusive, honest, and supportive community of – and for – diverse people.  To acknowledge our rich history in this effort, and to face squarely the challenges that still need to be overcome, understanding that the rich promise of the region’s growing diversity must be tapped fully if Boston and Massachusetts are to achieve their economic, civic and social potential.


Local leaders are taking on an ambitious goal: to make Greater Boston a desired destination for people of color, immigrants, and women, in the belief thattheir contributions will be vital to the region’s social and economic future.

Commonwealth Compact, a project organized by three of Boston’s civic and business leaders, and supported by several dozen others, is committed to concrete steps aimed at making Boston a welcoming, diverse place to live and work for all people.

In May 2008, Steve Crosby, dean of the McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, convened the effort, along with former Suffolk County District Attorney Ralph Martin, an attorney with Bingham McCutchen and former chairman of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and Steve Ainsley, then publisher of The Boston Globe.


As citizens, service providers, employers and competitors – for business and talent – we are collectively committed to recruitment, hiring, management and governance practices that:

  • Increase the representation of people of color and women throughout our organizations, especially in management, senior management and board governance positions.
  • Retain and promote people of color and women.
  • Encourage our organizations to reflect, and connect with, the diversity of the communities and customers we serve.

Our organizations profit when we attract and retain people from a multitude of backgrounds. By harnessing their skills, aptitudes, experience and approaches to problem-solving, our workplaces, communities and Commonwealth will be richer, our marketplaces will be broader, and out ability to attract employees, clients and businesses – locally, nationally and globally – will be more effective.

We therefore embrace the goals of Commonwealth Compact and pledge to measure our progress toward them over time, using the Commonwealth Compact benchmarks.


To learn more, please contact:

Georgianna Melendez, Executive Director
Robert Turner, Senior Advisor


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